SEO – The basics

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a must for every site that is been made. If you would like your site to get a good ranking into different search engines like Google, Yahoo and other you must follow some basic rules. I believe that even a novice user can do SEO its website without the knowledge of how to program for a start. The following are some rules that I wrote down that I came across for my convenience and yours to help keep a site consistent and adhere to the latest standards of W3C.

01. Specify a DOCTYPE at the top of your page. An example of a DOCTYPE is:


02. The following must be present inside the head of your page:


03. The Url & Title of your website are very important and you must give it some thought first.

04. Sizes:

- Title size 80 chars,
- Keywords size 20 chars,
- Description size 250 chars related to site content
and for each page individually

05. The H1, H2 tags are very important as it shows the importance of your content.

06. Tide up your code to help crawler crawl your site easier and faster.

07. Join multiple CSS file into one for faster loading

08. Remove unnecessary CSS classes or id’s, js functions or files, php functions or files.


- check all images if exists
- check images size, create thumbnails for better performance
- check out transparent images how they look in different browsers (old browsers)
- create alt tags for each image !very important

10. Check your site into different browsers for compatibility issues.

11. Address on Page: Putting your business address at the footer (or header) on every page of your site is a great way to help the engines to identify your location.

12. WEBSITE VALIDATION: Go to the following site and check your site to see if it adheres to the latest standards.


13.Optionally you can check for broken links by using an application like XENU

14. ADD your site to different search engines like Google, Yahoo. You can start from

15. You can use Google Analytic s is an online facility for obtaining traffic analysis of your website and how is your site doing.

16. Add you URL into different sites (back links) get more traffic.

17.SEOMOZ: in this site you can find different seo tools to help you get started.